Polish Passport

How to complete the application for a European Polish passport - a step-by-step detailed guide and list of all required documents for a Polish passport application


How to Apply for Your European Polish Passport

After you have your Polish citizenship confirmed and are legally recognized as a Polish citizen, you can apply for the Polish passport. It is worthwhile to be aware of all necessary documents, applications, fees, and steps to prepare yourself in advance, as in many cases a trip to a Polish Consulate is difficult to arrange. Here is a step-by-step guide on the Polish passport application.

1. Required Documents

  • Polish citizenship confirmation
  • Polish birth certificate
  • Polish marriage / divorce certificate
  • If relevant - official Polish name change certificate
  • PESEL application
  • Polish passport applications
  • Passport photos

2. Visit Registration

Anyone who wants to apply for a Polish passport must first book a visit to the Polish Consulate at their OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Without booking a visit first, it is not possible to apply. In some very busy Polish Consulates like in Tel Aviv, Curitiba, or Buenos Aires, registration should be done in advance. Everyone must apply in person. It is not possible to send the application and documents by mail or to be represented by anyone else, as today Polish passports are bio-metric and fingerprints must be taken at the Consulate.

3. Polish Civil Acts

To file an application for the Polish European passport after confirming your citizenship, it is necessary to attach your Polish birth and marriage certificates to your application. In the event that you were born and/or got married outside Poland, you must submit translated foreign certificates to the Polish Civil Registry Office and obtain Polish vital records. This procedure is called transcription and usually presents no problems or difficulties. Processing usually takes 3-4 weeks.

5. Name Change

People that after emigration officially changed their names in a foreign country must go through the official name change procedure again in Poland. In this case, the PESEL number is needed first. The name change procedure is not difficult and takes about 2 months to process.

6. Temporary Passport

If you are in a hurry to receive your passport, you may apply for a temporary one. Consulates can usually issue temporary passports on the same day. Since Poland entered the EU and with the substantial improvement in the system of Polish passports, however, the regular 10-year passport is issued quite fast (1-2 months), so in most cases a temporary one is not necessary.

7. Passport Photos

Passport photos must be taken at the most 6 months before applying for the passport. These and your signatures is actually the only things you need to do by yourself. All the rest of the documents and forms are prepared by us.

8. Fees

Here you will find the information about OFFICIAL CONSULAR FEES. You only need to pay for the passport while applying at the Consulate. All of the papers and applications sent by us to you are perfectly prepared, so you will have absolutely no problems applying, and no additional payments will be required.