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Since 2003, we have been advising people of Polish ancestry in confirming Polish citizenship by descent, obtaining a European Polish passport, and navigating all related matters. For almost 20 years, we have been working to help people of Polish descent from various countries in receiving Polish citizenship and a Polish European passport. Our excellent legal assistance is provided by independent experts in the field of Polish citizenship, lawyers of various specializations, experienced representatives, and documents researchers, as well as the use of advice and consultations provided by the staff of the relevant Polish government offices.

Embark on your journey to obtaining Polish citizenship and enjoy the benefits of a European Polish passport. Trust us to provide you with the guidance, expertise, and support you need to navigate the complexities of the application process. Start your application today and make your Polish heritage a permanent part of your identity.

AI Deep Case Analyzes

We are now able to 'predict' the probability of success and the time of the procedure in advance in each case of Polish citizenship by descent with HIGH ACCURACY based on the cases we processed over the last twenty years, with AI analyzes and human-expert knowledge. This has revolutionized our approach, allowing us to offer personalized guidance and support to our clients right from the initial consultation. By leveraging this combination of AI and expert insights, we can identify potential challenges and opportunities unique to each case, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient application process. Our clients benefit from reduced uncertainty and increased confidence, knowing that their application is backed by a robust predictive framework. Furthermore, our comprehensive database, enriched with years of historical data, serves as a powerful resource for refining our predictive models. This continuous learning process not only enhances the accuracy of our predictions but also enables us to adapt to changing legal landscapes and procedural requirements. In essence, the integration of AI technology with our deep domain expertise, and professional honesty deeply implemented in our core politics as legal advisers), marks a significant leap forward in our ability to assist individuals in obtaining Polish citizenship by descent. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of our field, providing exceptional service and maximizing the likelihood of successful outcomes for our clients.

Over 20 Million People of Polish Descent

There are more than 20 million people of Polish descent that live outside of Poland today , which itself has a population of about 38,5 million. This means that more than 1/3 of Poles and people of Polish descent actually live outside of the country. For many generations of European unrest, people have been emigrating outside of Poland, especially in the 20th century. Since 1989, however, the quality of life has changed for the better in Poland. Poland has been an EU member since 2004 and is one of its biggest countries. We support the idea of a united Europe, and being a European citizen is a widely held dream. Many people of Polish origin can now legally confirm their Polish citizenship by descent and obtain the Polish European passport as a gateway to the EU.

The Benefits of Polish European Citizenship

The education system in Europe is outstanding and offers the best elementary schools, top high schools, and some of the world's best universities. The latest medical technology and the best pharmaceutical developments ensure that your health is in good hands in Europe. With a Polish European passport you can freely move, travel, live, and work in any of the 28 member states of the EU. Businesses enjoy the benefits of duty-free imports and exports across country borders within the member states of the European Union. And, of course, we have the Champions League!

Better Service with Our Revised & Updated Website as of June 2024

Our new website was designed to make the entire procedure of confirming Polish citizenship by descent understandable and logical. Just follow the tabs and you will have a glimpse into what the most important and most relevant things are in this quite a complex process. All the information included is based on the present Polish legislation and the steps are described exactly how they unfold in practice.

Only True and Honest Testimonials

Read what people who have already benefited from our services have written about our work. Over the years, we have represented hundreds of families from around the world. Many of our clients have kindly agreed to share their experiences and confirm both our credentials and the quality of our legal assistance. In addition, some of our clients have agreed to assist you in some more complicated matters, such as obtaining certain documents in your country and with properly certifying them.

How to Get a European Passport through Polish Ancestry ?

It's all about ELIGIBILITY and DOCUMENTS and, of course, good legal representation in Poland. We will check and confirm if you are or are not eligible to confirm your Polish citizenship by descent. The next step is collecting the proper Polish documents (ie: issued in Poland by Polish authorities after 1920) to prove your case. We will guide you step-by-step through the whole PROCEDURE until you have your Polish European PASSPORT in hand.