• European Polish Passport

    Complete step-by-step guide on obtaining European Polish passport through confirmation of the possession of Polish citizenship by ancestry for the descendants of Polish immigrants in USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and many other countries in the world…

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  • Get Polish Citizenship & European Polish Passport through Ancestry

    Since 2002, we have helped many people of Polish descent from around the world confirm their Polish citizenship and acquire a European Polish passport by providing them with superior expertise and legal assistance.

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  • Required Documents

    Undoubtedly, the most important step in confirming Polish citizenship is providing proper Polish documents (i.e. issuued by Polish authorities in Poalnd) that prove one’s ancestors’ Polish citizenship. If one does not possess these documents, the first step is to run the search in the Polish and other countries’ archives to find them.

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  • Procedure

    We will guide you from the very beginning through all procedures of confirming Polish citizenship and obtaining a European Polish passport: eligibility check & case evaluation, legal advice, documents research, translations, citizenship confirmation, obtaining Polish civil acts and passport application.

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Since 2002, we advise in the matters of confirmation of the possession of Polish citizenship by descent and obtaining a European Polish passport and all relevant related matters

Within 12 years of our consulting activity we have helped many people of Polish origin from various countries receive Polish double citizenship and a European Polish passport and sincerely and honestly speaking, nowadays Polish authorities are generally friendly towards people applying for citizenship. It is worth using this period as the histories of other European countries prove that in various years they have drastically tightened their citizenship requirements. At present, Poland seems to be an open country for new citizens…

Owing to the cooperation with many independent experts in the field of Polish citizenship, lawyers of various specialization, experienced representatives and documents researchers, as well as the use of advice and consultations provided by staff of Polish authorities in many years, we have developed a new, improved (also mobile responsive) internet service – We hope that it helps thousands of people of Polish origin in the world receive Polish citizenship and a European Polish passport – a gateway to the European Union.

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